Addressing the Challenges of the Payment Industry

Our seven minutes of fame! Industry Editor Erin Oswalt chats with Sibos’s Steven Chia and payment expert Ed Adshead-Grant about the complexity of the payment industry, cybersecurity, regulatory changes and more.

5 Steps to Detect & Prevent Cyber Fraud

Even though it seems a new data breach is announced daily, many organizations are still unsure about how to protect themselves against attack. With threats originating from inside organizations as well as outside and fraud tactics becoming more sophisticated by the moment, it’s no wonder many companies find their risk management strategies inadequate.

Is your organization prepared for the seemingly inevitable cyber-attack?

Here are 5 key strategies to a successfully detecting and proactively preventing cyber fraud at your organization…

Faster Payments, a Primer

Faster payments, a term you hear in virtually every conversation about B2B payments. But what does it mean for your organization?

Find out where faster payments fit amongst other payment types, beyond just speed.

The Future of Payments Technology: What will 2018 Bring?

The pace and number of new technologies that will impact the business payments landscape can be confusing. Here’s a quick download on what these technologies are, how they’re being used to move the needle in consumer payments and what that might mean for you in the coming year:…

Selling the Value of Faster Payments by Slowing Down

Through our advisory board practice we’ve had plenty of opportunities lately to hear corporate customers talk about faster payments. The common theme in those discussions is the requirement for a sales process that’s very different from traditional bank treasury management products.

Here’s what a bank needs to understand if they’re going to be successful selling this new payment scheme…

The Top 4 Accounts Payable Priorities for 2018

If you don’t want 2018 to be “more of the same” in Accounts Payable (AP), then some serious prioritization – and action – is in order. Here are four top priorities that should drive your strategy and decisions in the coming year. 

Swipe Right or Left Part 2: Making the Right Business Choice with So Many Payment Options

In our prior post we talked about the inherent complexity of choosing how to best optimize your business payment processes given the ever changing technology landscape. In this post we’ll help you better understand some of these emerging payment trends and how they can enhance your payment processes, information that will be helpful in determining potential opportunities for your business.

5 Trends in ePayables Innovation

One of the biggest challenges faced by AP leaders is finding the balance between executing today’s operations and evaluating tomorrow’s technology. 

To help you clear those hurdles, here’s an overview of the 5 biggest trends in payment innovation as ranked by Ardent Partners in its State of ePayables report.

ISO…So What?

Is ISO a must-have for your organization or a waste of resources?

Find out what ISO is, what it’s not, and why you should care.