Month: August 2021

payments and security

NACHA Update: FedNow shows up for a close-up

For all the powerful organizations around the world spreading the gospel of real-time payments, this week’s NACHA conference has uncovered what could be an awareness problem. The problem is not general awareness. After all, the...

/ August 26, 2021

NACHA update: Communication security fills the headlines

In case anyone needed a reminder of how aggressive and creative fraudsters can be, last week provided a stark reminder of both. T-Mobile was covered as the victim this time, as it reported that SIM-swap...

/ August 24, 2021
NACHA 2021
real-time payments
post-pandemic payables

Post-pandemic payables: what’s changed and what’s next

Ardent Partners, The State of ePayables 2021

/ August 12, 2021
ROI in real estate

AP Automation fuels ROI in commercial real estate

With real estate continuing to show strong KPIs across the board, this is no time to work in analog processes. Across the commercial real estate industry, CFOs and accounts payable leaders are keeping pace with...

/ August 10, 2021
know your banking customer

How well do you know your banking customer?

The banking customer you had in 2020 is not the banking customer you have in 2021. Research shows they are staying home more (61 percent), reconsidering some of their online shopping habits and perhaps most...

/ August 5, 2021
real estate payment fraud

Your best weapon against real estate payment fraud? Automation.

In the first article in this series, we looked at a bright new world of vendor and accounts payable relationships in real estate, ushered in by payment automation. Now we’d like to enlighten you further...

/ August 3, 2021