Month: December 2021

Gift of Knowledge

This season give the gift of transformative knowledge: the best of this year’s content, curated in one collection

Looking back on the year, it’s clear that transformation momentum from 2020 didn’t slow as we traveled through 2021. In fact, the energy of last years’ experience became the wind beneath the wings of continued transformation....

/ December 22, 2021
invoice fraud

Putting the Brakes on Invoice Fraud

We always put payment fraud under the microscope because it’s a widespread and evolving problem that puts almost every business at risk. Back in 2019, according to a Lloyds Bank survey, 52% of businesses said...

/ December 15, 2021
Cash management evolution

Aite report stresses urgent need for cash management evolution

Regardless of company size, cash management used to be about one thing: Liquidity. It’s not that this focus has changed; it has taken on new dimensions at a speed and scale that demand financial leaders...

/ December 9, 2021
AP automation

AP Automation: Moving past paper to tackle complexity

For the longest time, conversation around the future of accounts payable has revolved around paper. But paper checks and paper invoices limit the automation you can achieve, so it makes sense that the conversation is...

/ December 7, 2021
insider fraud

Insider Fraud confronts its evolutionary problems

International Fraud Awareness Week is gone but hardly forgotten, nor should it be. Fraudsters aren’t sleeping on the advances made to fight their efforts, and here at Bottomline, we’re not sleeping on fraud of any...

/ December 2, 2021