As we’ve discussed in previous posts, protecting your organization against employee fraud collusion starts with monitoring activity, understanding that activity in the context of typical network activity and correlating activities in various channels and systems across the organization. There is a common sense element to all of this as well, which is as simple as “if it seems suspicious, it probably is.”

If two employees are conducting an excessive amount of activity on the same account (especially if they’re the only employees accessing that account), that’s a big red flag that collusion is taking place and it should be looked into by your fraud investigators.

So that’s it, right? Monitor, Analyze. Correlate. Use common sense. Follow those guidelines and you can cross the threat of fraud collusion off your worry list.

Not quite. There’s one more step we need to cover to making sure your organization has done everything it can do to to prevent employees from teaming up to cause your organization harm, and that’s using visual link analysis to link employees, customer accounts and suspicious activities. Check back soon, we’ll cover that next!


Posted by Emily Rodenhuis

Emily Rodenhuis is Senior Editor of the Business Payments Institute, as well as a creative writer specializing in demand generation and social media. She works with businesses to focus on editorial strategy for B2B marketing and PR. Her work has been featured by BankNews, InfoSecurity, Global Treasury Briefing, AFP magazine, GT News, and Healthcare Dive.