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impact of COVID-19

Period 13: Global Recovery Monitor Survey Results

Real-time Insights from Treasury and Finance Professionals

/ August 18, 2020
payments fraud
mobile payments on the rise

B2B Mobile Payments Are on the Rise: Don’t Be Left Behind

As consumers, we’re used to making nearly instant payments from our mobile devices with just a few clicks. Paying a friend back for picking up the dinner tab before you even leave the restaurant, sending...

/ July 30, 2020
Securing payments and preventing fraud

Securing Payments and Preventing Fraud in the Digital Age

The pace of technological innovation has fundamentally shifted the way that businesses and banks store, manage and share their data over the last decade. From the rise of internet banking to mobile apps and cloud...

/ July 23, 2020
business continuity measures

Taking the Right Business Continuity Measures Now Positions Your Business for Future Success

Maximizing digitalization and rethinking current processes are more important now than ever before for businesses to run smoothly during disruptive times. It’s important for your business to find the right automation partner to assist in...

/ July 16, 2020
impact of COVID-19

Period 12: Global Recovery Monitor Survey Results

Real-time insights from treasury and finance professionals

/ July 15, 2020
2020 Business Payments Barometer
impact of COVID-19

Period 11 Results: COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery

Real-Time Insights from Treasury and Finance Professionals around the Globe

/ June 30, 2020
Business Payments Barometer

2020 Business Payments Barometer Reveals Digitization Is Biggest Driver of Change for Businesses

Bottomline Technologies recently released the 2020 Business Payments Barometer report. Now in its 5th year, the Business Payments Barometer highlights the trends and priorities of 800 financial decision-makers across Great Britain. The report uncovers how...

/ June 25, 2020
What Payments Will Look Like Post-COVID-19

Experts Predict What Payments Will Look Like Post-COVID-19

We’re experiencing a time when a single factor– the COVID-19 pandemic – is reverberating throughout all aspects of civilization, around the world. Societal norms are in flux as people social distance, the infrastructure of the...

/ June 23, 2020