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IFAW 2021

The Bottomline on fraud and financial crime – a collection of resources to raise awareness

International Fraud Awareness Week may have wrapped for 2021, but that doesn’t mean the threat is over…not by a long shot. The annual November event, organized by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), serves...

/ November 24, 2021
fraud investigations

International Fraud Awareness Week: Data analytics feeds anti-fraud investigations

It would be a welcome development if, at some time in the future, we didn’t need an International Fraud Awareness Week. That would mean that our job within Bottomline’s Fraud and Financial Crime team has...

/ November 18, 2021
watchlist screening tools
data analytics

International Fraud Awareness Week: Connecting data to the customer experience

Now that we’re into International Fraud Awareness Week, I find the amount of discussion around the role of data in fraud defense capabilities striking. It’s a great focus area, especially as machine learning and advanced...

/ November 16, 2021
insider fraud

New poll data: Insider and APP fraud need more attention

As International Fraud Awareness Week kicks off, we took the pulse of Bottomline’s LinkedIn audience and found some results that show banks and corporates have a healthy level of concern regarding cyberattacks. But it also...

/ November 15, 2021
CoP - Ed Adshead-Grant

Building the business case for Confirmation of Payee

Lest you don’t believe that payment security innovation isn’t necessary, consider this payments nightmare straight out of the September 1 issue of The Guardian. It tells the story of a poor bloke who took out...

/ October 26, 2021
cybersecurity month 2021

In Session: educating employees still critical in the fight against email compromise

Considering the ubiquity of email and the awareness employees should have around its security vulnerabilities, fraud should by now be all but stamped out. But it’s clearly not. When you can buy a phishing resource...

/ October 11, 2021
insider fraud

It’s complicated: FIs seek solutions for insider fraud in hybrid work environment

The Economist calls them “the new bank robbers.” They’re the insiders, the employees that are taking advantage of data access at organizations in all industries – financial services included – to leak data or manipulate...

/ September 8, 2021

NACHA update: Communication security fills the headlines

In case anyone needed a reminder of how aggressive and creative fraudsters can be, last week provided a stark reminder of both. T-Mobile was covered as the victim this time, as it reported that SIM-swap...

/ August 24, 2021
NACHA 2021