Submission Guidelines

SmartPayments is all about business payments.  It’s designed as the place for industry thought leaders to share ideas and expertise on the complex world of business payments, with topics that include corporate financial operations, risk and fraud, global payments and banking.

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting your post for consideration:

  • We value opinion-driven pieces and advice-driven ones, geared toward corporate finance or commercial banking audiences. In all cases, the author must make an argument and back it up. We welcome submissions that take a strong point of view.
  • We do not accept explicit or veiled promotional pieces. The conclusion should not lead to a recommendation for a specific category of product or service, especially if the author (or a company the author represents) sells these products or services.
  • A submission cannot be fully considered until it is in draft written form (no abstracts, please).
  • Submissions should be exclusive to us and not have been published previously. Authors must be willing to grant rights to which is owned by Bottomline Technologies. If you would like to excerpt or adapt material that has appeared, or will appear, in another form, please discuss it with us.
  • Headlines for are written by our editorial staff. We strive to make each headline an accurate reflection of the piece. Suggested headlines are encouraged.
  • Please provide online links to source materials and other related web content whenever relevant. Include any important attributions/citations within the text. Send articles as text.
  • Avoid jargon. Though our audience is familiar with many technical topics, we strive to use language that is clear and accessible to the layperson.
  • Firsthand, first-person observations and anecdotes are welcomed and encouraged when appropriate. We value the variety of our contributors’ backgrounds.
  • Once a piece is edited, you may be asked to approve it for publication by a predetermined deadline.
  • Please include a short bio, including the author(s) title, photo and a very brief description of their company or organization. You may also add the author’s Twitter handle.

Submissions can be sent directly to our Managing Editor Emily Rodenhuis. She is also happy to answer any questions you may have.